Indian scholors had from many centuries ago, pondered over the movement of stars, wind, energies they found have different effect on different directions.Their studies have revealed that each star owns a particular direction and his effect in that surroundings is in comparison to others.Wind flow from one direction to other bring different results to different people.The study of this science which continues from vedic period is also known very popularly as VASTU SHASTRA.

This branch is very important in indian astrology.Vastu plays pivotal role in the success of business/family life to any person.In vastu shastra an expert advice with regard to small changes like colors, fire, water in different directions in a house/office/workplace bring immediate pleasent results.The deep study of this science is very important.

Pandit Ashok Upadhyay Parashar has studied Vastu Shastra deeply and has successfully implied its effects on others. Those who have sought his advise has gained immediate results.